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Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our self-defense systems are used by military organizations around the world. We equip our students with the skills “so that one may walk in peace.”

Our facility has a comfortable, family-friendly atmosphere, while we maintain a strong level of discipline. As the dangers of our world grow and evolve, so do the Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques that we teach to students.

We Are A Certified IKMF & Gracie Jiu Jitsu School.

Hammerfist Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Wesley Chapel FL

You have options when it comes to learning self-defense.

Such factors as location or familiarity may affect your decision, but when you are learning something as important as how to protect yourself and loved ones– you need to know you are getting the absolute best training. Imi Litchenfield began creating the Krav Maga self-defense system. Imi created this system “so that one may walk in peace.” Krav Maga is about protection, not violence. By learning Krav Maga, you will learn awareness, preparedness, mental fortitude, and confidence. Krav Maga is based on real life situations- it is easy, makes sense, and is effective. Below is a real life example of how the owner and the some students dealt with a real situation using techniques learned at Hammerfist Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Real-life Situations

In May 2015, Jason Carrio, co-owner of Hammerfist, and some students unexpectedly had a real-life situation and they were able to immediately respond. While a class was in session, they heard glass break next door and noises behind the building. Jason and several students immediately went out back. They found a man loading expensive bicycles and clothes from the bicycle shop next to Jason’s facility into a stolen vehicle. After confronting the burglar, Jason used self-defense to restrain him until police arrived. Jason said, “I just reacted. I just felt like this is the right thing to do.”Jason’s background in krav maga and Brazilian jiu jitsu made it natural for him to respond to the situation. You can have that same peace of mind by being prepared so you can “walk in peace.”

What to Expect

When you walk in to Hammerfist Krav Maga and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, you immediately know you are in a comfortable, family-friendly place. You are a part of the Hammerfist family when you are here. We provide a comfortable, fun training environment.You don’t have to sign a contract to join our classes, and we offer excellent discounts to police, firefighters, military, and multi-family homes.

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